In early 2014, we reached out to Moms Meet, an organization of blogging moms. We asked 50 moms to give Gutsy Chewy™ a try, then write about their experiences. Here’s a complete list of their reviews.

Run Eat Play

I really liked that these were fast acting and made of natural products. Jaden often has a lot of stomach issues and I give him half a Gutsy Chewy and he’s good to go! The also have a pleasant taste and don’t taste chalky.

To Hab & To Hold

I can’t even begin to thank Dr.Doug enough for this product! …We have been using Gutsy Chewy for about a month now and it’s been such a life saver!

Glamamama’s Goodies

…a few times already I have just popped a Gutsy Chewy supplement and waited a few minutes for some palpable relief. It is a physical and mental relief not to have to stress over my stomach anymore.

Barefoot by the Sea

I would recommend these supplements for anybody who is looking for a solution to stomach discomfort and that queasy feeling. I am so happy that there is an all natural, vegan friendly option on the market! Finally!

Zealous Mom

…they work so much better than the prescription medication I was taking last year. …I can’t tell you how happy it makes me for a healthy, natural product to win out over products containing fake and possibly harmful ingredients.

Twice Blessed Life

…each time it’s worked like a charm! …I don’t have to worry that when I give this to my kids (or take it myself) that I’d need to be on the lookout for any side-effects.

Colie’s Kitchen

Gutsy Chewy’s start working so fast that you question yourself because it seems so impossible that anything could work so fast.

Exploring Domesticity

[then] I will get a stomachache following a run or have to cut a run short and head back. …[now] I’m so in love with this product! I won’t run without a Gutsy Chewy.

This Ole Mom

I was blown away by how quickly this product worked. I took one of the natural supplements and 10 minutes later my heartburn and queasy stomach disappeared. I couldn’t believe it!

With Our Best

(1) They are great for travel (2) They are discreet and can be chewed up without a lot of notice or interruption (3) They do not need refrigeration (4) They calm my tummy!

Dollar Monger

I’ll definitely keep using these because they are the first thing that has ever taken away my stomach issues that quickly!

Inspired by Savannah

I for one was excited to know that I could finally get relief from queasy, uneasy belly feelings when dining out, without needing a prescription medicine.

Bombshell Wife Life

I love that Gutsy Chewy’s are lactose-free. …Also, I love that there are REAL ingredients in it. Papaya, licorice root, apple cider vinegar…all things I can pronounce and actually know what they are.

Stretch Your Budget and Live Better

I have very severe acid reflux, so I was excited to see a natural way to treat it. …I am so happy to report that they work amazingly in my case.

Confessions of a Courtney

Gutsy Chewy supplements work! They relieved mild symptoms within 10-15 min. of taking.

Crunchy Cloth

I have taken them three or four times in the last couple weeks to help relieve the pain of stomach irritation, and let me tell you, they really work!

Our Funny Little Family

I think they are much more effective than Pepto tablets and taste much better.

Opera Singer in the Kitchen

My favorite flavor ended up being the Wildberry tablet and I definitely am excited to make this product a permanent addition to my medicine cabinet and purse.

Shelbey Kendall

If you’ve ever had experience with uneasy gut feeling, try Gutsy Chewy! They truly do work and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they can make you feel normal again while eating your favorite refluxy foods!

Faith and Family Reviews

I like the taste and flavor of the Gutsy Chewy and it does seem to help with preventing those sour burps.

The Stuff of Success

These Gutsy Chews seriously arrived just in time. …It was a very short time later that I was finally able to focus on my evening priorities without worrying about my stomach.

Misadventures of a First Time Mom

…they are pretty effective. I feel completely better in about 20 minutes depending on how upset my stomach is.

Jack of All Trades, Master of Mom

This is an especially good product if you have certain dietary restrictions such as diabetes, a lactose or gluten intolerance, or are a vegan because the formula caters to all of those needs.

Lean Green Mama

Gutsy Chewy is definitely my new go-to product whenever I feel reflux or my stomach feels a bit uneasy. …and being made in the USA is a big plus for me!

Biting the Hand That Feeds You

The handy 8-pack tubes are easy to take on-the-go. …They work! I definitely felt better when taking these for gut discomfort and nausea, too-rich foods, and the one time I had a reflux flare-up.

All Things New

No more nausea, no abdominal discomfort after a meal, heartburn and acid reflux are greatly diminished.

Smith and Blessing

I do have to say how much I like that you can easily half a Gutsy Chewy for when you don’t necessarily need the whole thing. …just snap it on the perforation. After all, you don’t want to waste something that works so well!

Modernistic Mama

Not only am I a huge fan, but my mom, boyfriend and dad have taken a liking to them!

Rosie Discovers

Now, with my Gutsy Chewy on hand, I can be average. I can eat all the foods I desire.

Fun on a Dime

We do not typically eat [greasy and fried foods], but I did run into my own episode with heartburn and 1 supplement was plenty to solve the problem.

Daydreaming Realist

I’m very pleased that Gutsy Chewy is affordable and suitable for those on special diets; it’s a win-win for this product and for you.

The Practical Homestead

If you have occasional stomach issues such as heartburn, acid reflux, GERD & indigestion, or if you’re like me and tend to have flare-ups that are more long term, I would recommend trying Gutsy Chewy.

Frugal and Fun Mom

I like that this is an alternative to typical “over the counter” treatments, and that the chews contain natural ingredients.

Insights By April

I was pleasantly surprised how well they work. …It is nice to find a product that isn’t laden with chemicals to help alleviate tummy and digestive issues that I am sure most all us face on an almost daily basis.

Hug a Tree With Me

I throw the convenient tube in my purse and chew on one whenever I get that queasy, uneasy, refluxy feeling. I love the natural formula and the pleasant taste and I highly recommend.

Jewels and Treasures

I don’t suffer from acid reflux pain as much as I used to, but these definitely came in handy and actually worked when I did notice that familiar pain in my stomach.

Integrative Mom

A friend told me the only thing that ever works for him is baking soda, so he takes a box with him wherever he goes (not very convenient.) I gave him a tube of Gutsy Chewy, and his results were incredible. No more burning in his stomach. It even calmed his jittery nerves before public speaking.

Mommy Like Whoa

Gutsy Chewy isn’t a medicine, or even made for stomach flu. Usually they are used to just help with that achey, burny, acidy refluxy feeling, but they really helped my stomach flu symptoms and quite nearly saved my life.

Surviving As A Mom

I loved that this relief was almost instantaneous. Two hours later, unfortunately, the heartburn came back.

Katie’s Frugal Finds

…the second I started to get that queasy feeling I just popped a gutsy chew. …By the time we got home I already felt better.


The 2 flavors have different tastes but I honestly like them both. The Citrus flavor is a bit sour and the Wildberry flavor is sweeter. The Gutsy Chewy Supplement is very fast-acting.

Handmade and Homegrown

Gutsy Chewy works, which is very important. Unlike a lot of the huge bottles of antacids that you can buy at the store, and take all day long like candy.

Rambling Mom

It didn’t immediately make my stomach all better, but I did notice a significant decrease in discomfort within a short time.

Swimming in Cats

…perfect for those occasions when you are chowing down on your favorite foods and then awhile later start to regret it. Yikes! Gutsy Chewy to the rescue!

Life is sooo good

I have to say this stuff really does work. It only takes a few minutes for your stomach to feel settled and that uncomfortable reflux to disappear.

I’m A Blessed Mommy

Within less than 30 minutes I was already feeling better. …I don’t leave home without them and now I can go out to eat without consequences

Everything for Ana

I eat a lot of vegetables and protein and tend to add either garlic or onion and lots of hot, spicy spices such as hot sauce and or red pepper. These spices and onions tend to make my stomach hurt (especially at night), so I have been sooooo happy to have some Gutsy Chewy on hand.

Welcome to the Motherhood

…when I now feel that heartburn and stomach bloating enemy coming on me, or if I eat something that doesn’t agree with me, I go with Gutsy. Gutsy Chewy is the way to go!

Mama Papa Barn

…Gutsy Chewy is a great option to have on hand because of the simple, natural ingredients.

…after a late night of baseball and a ballpark burger and fries…let me tell you – it made a believer out of me! Within a matter of minutes after taking Gutsy Chewy (although a bit chalky – just being honest) my stomach began to settle, and I noticed that I didn’t have to take my nightly acid reducer pill.