4 Tips for Avoiding Digestive Distress This Holiday Season

Tips for avoiding acid reflux, GERD, heartburn and other digestive issues during the holidaysIt can be hard to make good food and beverage choices during the holidays. Indulging in food and beverages that trigger heartburn, acid reflux, GERD or bloating just seems a little too easy this time of year. After all, what’s fun about restraint? Then again, there’s nothing fun about that queasy, uneasy, refluxy feeling you can experience after eating.

Researchers at Cornell University have done studies that produced interesting psychological insights into what affects the choices we make when eating and drinking. So before you head out to that next party, team lunch or night on the town, resolve to follow these helpful tips.

  1. Select slim glassware for your alcoholic and carbonated beverages, and set your glass on a flat surface for filling. The size and shape of that wine glass matters. People tend to overpour into wide-mouth glassware, and into glasses that are being held rather than sitting on a bar or table. They also pour less into a glass that matches the color of the contents, so if you can—grab a red glass for that red wine you’re eyeing.
  2. To help you make healthier choices, stay close to friends who eat healthy when you select food and drinks. Researchers found that we bow to peer pressure consciously and unconsciously. If your friends don’t practice healthy eating, then resolve to avoid items they choose. Make it a private “opposites” game for just you.
  3. Start with small portions and only eat what tastes good and is good for you. Be mindful of what you are eating and drinking. Entertainment, loud music, interesting conversation and holiday lights can distract us, sometimes so much that we keep eating without thinking about it. Resolve to slow down and taste what you’re putting into your mouth. Savoring flavors goes a long way toward satisfaction.
  4. Going through a buffet line? Make your first three selections healthy ones, as in fruits and low-fat foods. Research shows that the first three foods you choose fill about 66% of your plate. And people are less likely to choose healthy foods toward the end of the buffet than at the beginning. It’s also worth noting that bad choices are usually followed by more bad choices.

Finally, just to be safe, make sure you have a tube of Gutsy Chewy™ tablets tucked in your purse or pocket. Because the tablets are scored, you can chew a half or a whole tablet to suit your need. Now get out there and have a good time!