Clinical Study

Effect of GutsyGum, a novel gum, on subjective ratings of gastroesophageal reflux following a refluxogenic meal.

clinical-studyPublished in Journal of Dietary Supplements–August 21, 2014, Brown, Rachel; Sam, Cecilia H Y; Green, Tim & Wood, Simon.

This was a double blind, placebo controlled, crossover trial with a one-week washout between treatments conducted at the University of Otago, New Zealand in conjunction with researchers at University of British Columbia, Canada, using 24 subjects. The treatments included GutsyGum and a placebo gum. GutsyGum contained calcium carbonate (500 mg) and GiGs® (a proprietary blend of licorice extract, papain and apple cider vinegar).

The authors concluded that:

GutsyGum is more effective at alleviating the symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux than a placebo gum and in fact, the reduction was nearly 50% greater in the GutsyGum compared to the placebo gum for the primary outcomes of heartburn and acid reflux.

Although the secondary outcomes were not statistically significant, there was a trend toward a decrease in nausea and pain.

Given the side effects reported with drug treatment of GERD, chewing this novel product provides a suitable alternative.