The Story of Gutsy

The idea of Gutsy Products came from a physician and dentist who actively listened to his patients.

dougOver the past decade, Dr. Doug Haghighi, a Cleveland Clinic trained gastroenterologist and Harvard trained dentist, has treated thousands of patients with digestive disorders, from acid reflux and hepatitis to inflammatory bowel disease. A common concern patients present at his office is gastrointestinal distress—a condition Dr. Haghighi calls “that queasy, uneasy, refluxy feeling.”

There are a number of pharmaceuticals Dr. Haghighi prescribes to alleviate these symptoms. However, he’s heard from patients, anecdotally, about different natural methods to treat abdominal distress. After consistently hearing about the same natural methods, Dr. Haghighi came to the conclusion there was something to this. Based on these experiences, his training as a dentist and gastroenterologist, and the research he’s performed on natural methods for gastrointestinal distress, Gutsy Products for oral and digestive health supplementation was born.

gigsThe Gutsy proprietary formula contains a special combination of papaya, apple cider vinegar and licorice root, known as GiGs®. The products also contain Xylitol, plus minerals like calcium and magnesium. After having products manufactured to test his idea and allowing people to try them, Dr. Haghighi found his idea worked remarkably well. To confirm this scientifically, he had a human trial conducted through two universities, which confirmed the product worked in a clinical setting.

Gutsy Products are all-natural, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan-friendly!

Though trained in Western medicine at two of the most acclaimed medical institutions in the world, Dr. Haghighi believes that in the “pie of health care,” there’s definitely a slice for natural remedies. He’s confident Gutsy Products can help bridge the gap between modern medicine and natural remedies for gastrointestinal distress.

Our motto is simple: Gutsy Products are a friend to your gut with natural benefits®. If you’re suffering from that queasy uneasy refluxy feeling® with GutBurn™ and GutBloat™ after eating, we’re sure Gutsy Chewy™ oral and digestive supplements can help you.

As Dr. Haghighi says, “Be true to yourself and follow your gut feeling. You’ll be glad you did.”